Meet Cassidy


Drawn to things not of this modern world, Cassidy enjoys playing on themes of a time long since past. Threaded with nostalgia and a sense of mystery, she creates her images to provoke a sense of yearning to understand the why. Cassidy has pushed the norm with her highly-detailed and emotional style of portraiture which has attracted the eye of several print and online magazine publications as well as private collections. At 26, Cassidy resides in Brooklyn, New York with her partner, pup named Ruby, and ever-growing globe collection.

Wedding Portfolio

A more extensive portfolio of wedding work can be found at Cassidy Jean Weddings. Primarily serving the NYC/CT area, Cassidy is also available for destination weddings & elopements worldwide. Send us an email to find out more.

Connect With Me

Where else can I see Cassidy's work?

You can find her on Instagram and Facebook as well as her blog, Okay Today, focusing on the realities of travel beyond the perfect Instagram shot and dealing with anxiety while traveling.


Email: Cassidy[at]

Location: Brooklyn, NY

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